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It was not a serious suggestion as to the method actually used.but simply his way of expressing the impossibility of creating that artifact using nineteenth century technology.Today there are hundreds of pyramids still standing all over the world from India to Peru.Cultures separated by the Atlantic, who supposedly never discovered each other’s existence, built these giant triangular structures, aligned them to cardinal directions, encoded within them sacred geometry/math, and used them as a sepulture.In a famous meeting with a panel of Egyptologists, author of “Giza Power Plant” Christopher Dunn brought a slab of granite, a hammer and a copper chisel and asked for a demonstration of how Egyptians were supposed to have chiseled out thousand-ton granite obelisks using simple hand tools.After a few whacks at it, the copper chisel had a deep indent and not a chip of granite was displaced.

Over six thousand years ago unknown peoples were assembling great pyramids in Mexico.

fine but strong cement, which had been applied evenly on semi-vertical faces across a surface expanse covering 21 acres on the Great pyramid alone! The second example is the internal passages of the Great Pyramid.

These passages have been measured countless times and found to be perfectly straight, with a deviation, in the case of the Descending Passage, of ng’s Chamber.

The Egyptians wrote how it reflected the sun like a mirror on all sides.

Today there are still a few polished casings leftover at the base of one side.

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This process is used to excavate a hollow in a block of hard stone by first drilling, and then breaking out, the remaining “core” Petrie had studied both the hollows and the cores, and been astonished to find spiral grooves on the core which indicated a drill feed rate of 0.100 inch per revolution of the drill. In 1983, Dunn had ascertained that industrial diamond drills could cut granite with a drill rotation speed of 900 revolutions per minute and a feed rate of 0.0002 inch per revolution.

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