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Moore’s entanglements with the Vision Forum are complex.

He contributed frequently to its publications, usually on topics relating to law, policy, and government.

“She asks how old I was, and I'm like, '16,'” Field recalled. '" The woman’s son was a fully grown adult who looked to be at least in his mid-20s and an aspiring police officer.

" Answer: “Biblical times” covers a broad section of history’s timeline, since Bible history spans several thousand years and a number of cultures.

When an Alabama state auditor defended Moore by comparing the relationships to Joseph and Mary, seemingly the entire country, including theologically conservative evangelicals, recoiled in horror.

patriarch Phil Robertson, who endorsed Moore in the contested Republican primary and has spoken at his rallies, told an audience in 2009 that girls should marry when they’re “about 15 or 16.” Moore has appeared several times on a radio show hosted by Kevin Swanson, an ultra-conservative Colorado pastor who defended Robertson's notion that girls should be marrying at 15 because it helps them avoid sexual sin.

,” which urges parents to resist the “feminist model” of raising girls.

It alleges that their sexual involvement (that remained just short of intercourse) was one-sided and that it began in 2007.

Over the weekend, a former colleague of Moore’s said it was “common knowledge” that he dated high school girls.

On Monday, a new accuser came forward to allege that Moore groped and assaulted her when she was 16 years old.

Independence is essentially a flaw in a Christian wife, who, Phillips taught, should be willing to call her husband “Lord.” It’s not that Phillips and those in his circle promoted relationships between teenage girls and older men per se.

But if brides are prized for their purity and meekness, and ideal grooms are capable and commanding, relationships like the ones Moore allegedly had are deemed natural.

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