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With the big “30” just around the corner, I’ve had over a decade to learn a few things about dating, relationships and handling one-on-one time with the opposite sex. Relationships are precarious because they involve two souls colliding.Most of the lessons have been learned the hard way: Keep communication lines open. A man and a woman may share common traits, activities, values, and faith, but whether they are both willing to share a lifetime together is an enormous decision.After being dropped off, I went on a walk to spend time with the Lord. Margaret Feinberg is a freelance writer and author based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.I heard the quietest voice inside my being whisper, He will never love you as much as I will. No man will ever be able to love me as much as God does — it’s humanly impossible. She has written God Whispers: Learning to Hear His Voice and co-authored Enjoying God: Embracing Intimacy With The Heavenly Father, both published by Relevant Books. When I talked about vacation plans, he hinted that he’d like to come along.When we talked about the future, he asked if I’d consider moving to his city. Somewhere between the gourmet dinners and flying back and forth across the country, I had interpreted it as something more.Watching sunsets over the mountains, staring at the stars under a blanket at night or viewing a movie when all his roommates are gone may feel good at the time, but they may not be the best activities for your heart.

Pray for him, and continue to seek God’s best for both of you. I Timothy 4: 12 says, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” Remember that your life choices are creating a living testimony.If so, it’s time to break the cycle and begin guarding your heart.Make a conscious decision to pursue healthy relationships.When you release it back into the wild, seeing it fly away brings joy and pain. Take some time to reflect on the men that attract you. Do you fall for controlling, manipulating or unmotivated men?Have you been involved in emotionally or physically abusive relationships?

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