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The state even floated a proposal to purchase a one percent share in major Chinese internet companies like Baidu and Tencent in April 2016, another potential avenue of control. The website of magazine were among those newly blocked in 20.As in past years, dozens of domestic internet users were investigated for digital crimes from disseminating misinformation to promoting tools to circumvent censorship, and one Uyghur teenager was reported to have been imprisoned for life for watching banned videos on a cellphone.An amendment to the criminal law separately penalized spreading alleged misinformation on social media.Free expression and privacy were undermined through heightened pressure on companies providing internet services and content to comply with censorship orders and user data requests.It's like trying to find a very small needle in a very, very large haystack." Masiello said he did not find any evidence leading him to believe that the incident was intentional, but noted increasing number of cyberattacks emanating from China."We've certainly seen a lot of Internet crime coming out of China and a lot of criminals that are based out of China, but as far as an actual link back to China Telecom, it's very difficult to say," Masiello said."Who's to say criminals did not get into China Telecom?

Over the past year, the renewed emphasis on information control took the form of laws that sought to codify existing strategies of censorship and surveillance.

However, Internet infrastructure does not necessarily correlate to the geographical world in a predictable way, so it would be unusual for data to transit a server physically located in Georgia, or some other somewhat removed location." The process, however, could be subject to manipulation if networking equipment in a remote location, such as China, advertised a route claiming to be the most efficient data path.

Effectively, Smoak said, the servers will try to get the information to its destination by the fastest means possible, but the data could conceivably be censored or changed altogether.

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