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‘My music was never considered cool, but I’ve always felt that connection with the audience.

His mother, actress Evelyn Ward, has been suffering with an Alzheimer’s-related disease for several years, and Cassidy is talking about it for the first time in the hope of raising awareness of the illness.‘As people are now living well into their 80s, the cases of dementia and Alzheimer’s are on the increase,’ he says.

Stepping back and taking a close look at him now, it’s slightly surprising how good he still looks. ‘I eat well, and I don’t drink or take drugs.’ The hair, though no longer in a lustrous feather cut, is still very much there.

He bounds to the door of his home in Florida’s Fort Lauderdale, looking as tanned and trim as he ever was in his dungaree-wearing heyday. ‘But I do dye it, as I was going silver in my 30s,’ he says.‘I’ve always had a special relationship with the UK fans, because even when I wasn’t working they were very supportive,’ he says.

‘My mother has been in 24-hour nursing care for seven years now, and I’m lucky to be able to afford it, but many people aren’t that lucky.

‘After their divorce in 1956, my mother basically raised me for years on her own and worked to support me,’ he says.

She’s amassed an army of more than one million followers with no signs of slowing down.

But Helene is much more than a super-hot woman who’s famous online. As a digital influencer, Helene is political because she’s personal.

The programme includes interviews with a number of prominent scientists, including atheists Richard Dawkins and Peter Atkins and Anglican priest John Polkinghorne.For the uninitiated, labiaplasty involves cutting off the inner labia so that they don’t ‘hang’ below the outer labia. The labiaplasty business has skyrocketed over the past few years, and Lisa’s mission was to find out why so many women hate the appearance of their vulvas to the point that they’d willingly have pieces of them surgically removed. Her real name is Ines Helene, and the 23-year-old Swede has fast become one of the most famous Instagram models in the whole damn world.In an exclusive, wide-ranging interview with , Helene opened up about what it’s like being sexy for a living and being underestimated because of it, Twitter fandom, watching video game streams into the small hours of the morning, daily online abuse and why the refugee crisis in Europe is so heartbreaking. I avoided interviews and anything that could bring me more notoriety and attention online because I was afraid of the scrutinization that comes with it.Helene emerged as a kind-hearted, Nutella-loving, wicked smart young woman. My father said a very wise thing: ‘People are always going to disagree with you or have something bad to say, whatever it is you do.

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