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But the private sector doesn’t always offer money – Asda has recently worked with Tinder to provide 350 of its partners access to community spaces and cafes. Government public services online The government is making a big push to become ‘digital by default’ by offering many public services online.

“You don’t need to physically go to the doctor to order a repeat prescription so why should you?“Digital inclusion is going up the agenda, but it’s really time for action,” says Milner.“It’s a global competitive race, and we could do even better if we put more effort and resource into this.” Social benefits of being online And it is not just cost savings for the government and ease of use for the citizens – being online brings a wealth of benefits to users.This year its turnover was £6m, and it gave out £3.5m in grants in £500-£5,000 allocations.The organisation does receive grants from government and foundations, which it then allocates to its hyper-local partners for particular projects to pay for broadband, training volunteers or lighting in the building.

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“We think of ourselves as the catalyst for making change happen,” says CEO Helen Milner.

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