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The purchase of this DVD or Blu-ray disc comes with rights to access a complimentary digital version from the production company.

To access the digital copy, redeem the code included in your product packaging before the expiration date.

Rose Byrne's character isn't much of an improvement, as she's merely left with the task of standing to the side with a perpetually worried look on her face.

The two child actors, Ty Simpkins and Andrew Astor, do the best they possibly can with their severely diminished roles, while Barbara Hershey and Lin Shaye at least provide a few intriguing aspects to the central plot.

A mess from start to finish -- though, judging by the ending, this story won't be over any time soon -- Insidious: Chapter 2 is the kind of lazy, halfhearted product that gives scary movies a bad name.

I’m just gonna forget this was ever made and pray we don’t get a third one. So when I heard that James Wan, who also directed this summer's "The Conjuring" (the year's best horror film, in my opinion), would be making a sequel, I had my doubts.Wan still manages to pack in a lot of scares, but there aren't many here that actually work.Most of them are just seem to be recycled from the previous movie, which is a shame since this director usually excels in crafting inventive fright tactics that make us shake in our seats.Nu är han på jakt efter upprättelse i den bittra vintern och drivs bara av ren viljestyrka och ...Att sammanföra Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson och Julia Roberts tillsammans med Jason Sudeikis, är mors dag en hyllning till mödrar överallt .

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