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"After a lifetime of devotion to his Republican master, you'd think my father would have walked away a rich man.

He walked away poor and when he died, he was still working," Oliver said.

He was kind about it, and so was my friend and dinner guest Penelope Milford (who had been nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in and like the character I played in the movie, I was rapidly but unknowingly careening towards my alcoholic bottom. That first Oscar was for best adapted screenplay for the harrowing film, . He spoke in almost a whisper but could quickly become angry. When Oliver began his career, he had a small office in the back of the Burbank Studio and was preparing to direct . He was not fawned over by Hollywood's brass, but within the inner sanctum word had it that he had great talent and one day would be a colossal success.

In 1980, I became completely sober and never threw up at a restaurant again. Even off camera I felt directed by him, and when he showed his temper, I would do what he wanted to please him. Self-righteous indignation seemed to give him a rush. Producer Ed Pressman who nurtured such filmmakers as Barbet Schroeder, Oscar-winner Kathryn Bigelow and Terrence Malick, had discovered Oliver Stone and never lost faith in him.

One of the best books on a director I've ever read - if not THE best.

Her secretary used to invite us to her cocktail parties. "One would see her in turbans, jewels, furs, couture gowns and it's easy to see where Oliver's sense of imagination emanated from. "I think there is certain anger with my Mom that has always been there.His posture, a continual slouch, showed near defeat.For any understanding of Oliver it's crucial to know about his father and mother, Jacqueline Stone.His mother loved dancing at Regine's and all the great parties because of her vivaciousness and gift for life and conversation. Lewis remained emotionally distant while Oliver continually sought his approval.I can see as a director why actors would want to work with Oliver because he was brought up..." my friend paused then changed his original thought to say, "and with a great deal of love and attention." Finally I had the opportunity to talk to Couri Hay's assistant, who also knew Jacqueline. After attending prep school and Yale, Oliver credits his reading Joseph Conrad for his interest in an exotic lifestyle.

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