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Also, different residents respond to different things…knowing them will help you best know how to communicate with and interact with them individually and as a group. Set limits with your residents – be honest with your residents about your needs, let them know when you will be around and that it’s not always OK to knock at all hours of the night! Take personal time when you need it – we all need to recharge…it’s important that we all do this so we don’t burn out. Ask yourself how you would deal with ethical dilemmas – think about how you would deal with those questionable circumstances before they arise. Think about how you will be able to work through them if you come across them. Asking residents what they want and recognizing that fact might be a better way to go…not to mention they might help you organize if they’re doing things they want to do! “Keeping up with the Joneses” can be a good thing…but know that not everything one person does is going to work for you or with your population. Be safe and know there are other people you can count on for support. Get to know your residents – this will not only help out in community buildling, but will help you assess problems that might arise. Know your biases up front – think about the types of people and situations you have biases toward and realize you may have to deal with them in your position. Program for the needs of your residents – if you’re frustrated because you don’t get hundreds of people at programs, maybe you’re not programming for the right population. Don’t try to live up to what other people are doing – everyone has their own style in the RA position, as well as has very different personalities they’re working with. Steve Crudup Resident Director, O’Connor Hall Dickinson Community Binghamton University The top ten things that I would want my RAs to know and remember are: 1. Academics should come first 6.) Take time for yourself. 15.) Tough situations are an excellent time for learning. Confidentiality builds trust and complies with the law–even though it may be frustrating. Gregg Stewart Residence Life Coordinator University of Central Oklahoma Here are 16 of my and one my colleague’s top “10”. 1.) Remember to treat everyone one with respect 2.) Remember to meet residents on their level (developmentally) 3.) Perception is 90% of reality 4.) Let your residents see you as a person, just not their RA 5.) Study, study, study… Change happens over time: Light small fires and look for small victories 9. Your students are growing and develping, just like you. Developing community takes time–it won’t happen after 1 or 2 programs Ambiguity is a part of the job.Resident Assistants (RAs) are integral to the operation of our residence halls, and therefore are asked to fill a variety of roles ranging anywhere from peer mentor to programmer to campus resource to peer advisor.We encourage you to read the RA role description provided at the link below thoroughly in order to become more aware of the qualifications desired for the role.Your application will be considered based on your responses, and based on the recommendations that your references provided.

In order to ensure that we keep a full, capable and adequately trained staff for the entire academic year, we open a smaller-scale Resident Assistant application process for the spring 2018 semester.In particular, it is important to review the RA role description, the selection timeline(s), and the dates and times for all information sessions for those respective selection processes; as well as other important resources you will need to complete the application, including individuals willing to serve as references for your application.Please note that a new hire candidate file is considered to be complete only after both a successfully submitted online application and recommendation forms have been received.This application is open as of Thursday, September 14, 2017, and closes at p on Tuesday, October 17, 2017. Once you access the Symplicity portal, you will need to provide Net ID and Net ID password in order to log in.Upon successful log in, you will select the “survey” tab, and you will find a link to the SP 18 Resident Assistant Application.

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