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I suggest drizzling some truffle oil on top for that cozy and indulgent touch.

Eggs are a great source of protein and the toast and good source of complex carbohydrates, which will keep you going until lunchtime.

All things in moderation is very much our ethos.' Explaining the ethos behind the lifestyle, she said: 'Thanks to long, dark winters (much like the UK) we get inventive and make the most of what’s available.

'A key part of why Swedes are so frugal is the "waste not want not" ethos – meaning recipes are affordable and dinners can easily be taken to work the next day or frozen - but are never binned.

Dr Simon Newell, from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, wouldn’t go that far, but says: 'It is unlikely it does a large amount of harm, provided the baby isn’t cold,' he says. The fresh air is good for their lungs and, in my experience, it helps prevent illnesses like colds and builds up their immune system.

A typical day could start with a power walk or a meditation.If you’re not a fan of eggs, perhaps try my hearty homemade muesli instead, sprinkled with some fresh berries.Lunch-wise, the day might include my Spiced Lentil salad with beetroot and artichoke, which is totally bursting with flavor whilst the lentils provide a great source of vegetable protein too. Dinner: Marinated chicken with butternut squash and ginger mash is a fantastic source of lean protein – it's no wonder that chicken is a staple post workout meal, but rather than being bland and flavorless, I've reimagined it with some interesting ingredients to freshen up the dish slightly, yet keep it lean and tasty. Optimal hydration is the single most underappreciated wellbeing tip I offer to personal training clients.Experts believe restricting a baby’s movement with extra clothing recreates the feeling of security they enjoyed in the womb, thus increasing the length of their sleep without the risk of overheating.So I put Felix in a Babygro, a romper suit, trousers, duffle coat, hat and gloves despite it being only -1 degree outside.

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They brought us hygge - the creation of a cosy atmosphere - and lagom - adopting a frugal approach to life - and now it seems that we are going to be going full Scandi with our entire lifestyle.

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