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I recommend you tell your dealer if after the Transmission Software update, and you still have a hard down shift problem at 20mph, to make sure they reset/clear the relearn procedure! The new updated software cannot update/download into the relearn procedure if the old one is still in the memory, therefore, resetting/clearing the relearn procedure is required for the new transmission software to take effect. Tom When I am approaching a stop light or stop sign, when my 2016 Kia Optima SXL downshifts from 3rd to 2nd it throws me forward!It seems to be downshifting very hard between those gears.

I took it to another Kia dealership near me, Jones KIA and they fixed the problem within a couple hours and for free!Call the Volvo dealer see if there a firmware update..most people don't know there vehicle can be updated...My 2002 Kia optima with 136635 miles doesn't shift from 1st to 2nd when I start the car. I let it go and the car shifts hard to 3rd then I have to shift back to 2nd manually not automatic and it won't go to first.So basically in sports mode it's 1st---2nd"hard shift to 3rd"3rd----2nd that's it.

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