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In the area of ​​the territory of Cassino called Monticello, at the train station, as well as the waters of the river confluirvi Quick, gush thousands of sources that generate one of the branches of the river Gari.

The springs area of Varronian thermal baths is ranked as the largest in Italy.

The landscape is particularly beautiful in spring and autumn.

The theater is located at the intersection of Cross Street and Via Monte Cassino.

The Varronian thermal baths are a natural-thermal park born after the war near the villa of Varro, Latin scholar writer, near the town of Cassino.

They are divided into a Summa cavea that includes seven and an Imma cavea thirteen steps.

The access was guaranteed by a series of arcades which led directly to the last step of the structure.

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These five papers present new perspectives on that tradition through an examination of Ovid’s own engagement with the literary and material past and present, and of some unexpected ways in which later artists have followed Ovid’s lead.

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